Construction laboratory, testing soils, concrete and building materials

The construction laboratory of PARKNEFT, LLC provides a full range of services for laboratory support of construction sites, including testing and quality control of materials, structures and products. Our construction laboratory in Moscow has been properly accredited, equipped with advance meters, instrumentation, equipment and everything necessary to carry out works.

Laboratory testing

Laboratory testing of construction materials, soil, concrete, and other things is performed with regard to the requirements of the standards.

Tests performed by the laboratory

  • Testing concrete and concrete mixes.

  • Testing monolithic structures.

  • Testing inert construction materials.

  • Testing foundation soils.

  • Paint and lacquer and corrosion-resistant coatings.

Laboratory testing of soils and concrete is a necessary component of any construction. The more thoroughly it is performed, the higher is the guarantee that the building constructed on the tested soil will last for many years. The same is true speaking about such characteristics as fluidity of the concrete mix, the concrete strength. Independent construction laboratory of PARKNEFT, LLC will furnish you with objective test results thus facilitating the construction of buildings and industrial facilities in accordance with the standards.

Scale and geography of the independent laboratory

Currently, subdivisions of our laboratory are located throughout Russia. The scope of work performed by PARKNEFT, LLC is really huge. Activities of the construction laboratory subdivisions are focused on ensuring quality control of civil works, construction and erection works. Moscow construction laboratory monitors the work of its subdivisions, renders a full range of services in testing of building materials. Construction laboratory of PARKNEFT, LLC is your faithful and reliable ally!

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