Reliability and quality

PARKNEFT, LLC considers offers of services of contractors.

We are willing to work with companies that meet the accepted criteria: history, experience, qualified staff, equipment capability.

In its work with contractors, PARKNEFT, LLC is guided by the principles of openness and guarantees transparent partnership. We appreciate and respect our partners and are always open for constructive dialogue.

Criteria for selection of contractors:

  • certificate issued by a self-regulatory organization confirming admission to work of the subject of the tender, including start-up operations;

  • experience in working on similar objects (number of completed analogous projects, preferably with reviews of customers on their work attached - quality, deadlines);

  • the participant or its subcontractors having production facilities, storage facilities and warehouses in the area of the construction (confirmed by a title of ownership or lease agreement);

  • its own well- qualified engineering and technical personnel and key certified workers;

  • certified quality management system compliant with standard ISO-9001;

  • its own technical resources, allowed for use (cars, machinery, equipment). If its own resources are insufficient - leases agreements regarding the borrowed technical resources;

  • scope of work performed by its own efforts - at least 50 - 70% (in the case of engaging subcontractors, it is required to specify which activities the subcontractors will carry out and to attach the complete package of documents confirming the right and capability to perform such work, consent of the subcontractors to perform them);

  • performance time;

  • no arrears in tax, fees and other obligatory payments to the budgets of any level or to national non-budgetary funds for the previous calendar year;

  • no accounts payable at the end of the previous reporting period in excess of 50% of the book value of the assets of contracting organization;

  • no litigation, resulting in the inability of the organization to perform work within the required timeframe.