An employee's drive for results means the success of the company

The focus of each employee working for PARKNEFT, LLC on results, the desire to make a personal contribution to the work of the team is the key to a long-term success of the Company as a whole. That is why it is so important for us to attract top-ranking specialists and leaders sharing our values into our team.

With our Company highly qualified specialists find opportunities for professional development, for sharing their experience with younger colleagues, and here graduates of higher education institutions and specialized colleges make their first steps into their career under the guidance of experienced mentors.

The key qualities promoting careers in our company are: the ability and desire to work in the team, professional attitude to one’s duties, responsibility and focus on results, initiative. Any employee having such qualities can achieve his/her ambitions and move upwards in the hierarchy of the positions regardless of his/her age.

In order to create favorable working conditions and to get the highest possible return we offer employees the following:

  • creative and interesting work;

  • opportunities for professional and personal growth;

  • a competitive salary;

  • a package of social benefits;

  • professional development through internal and external training provided by the Company.

A unified system of payment and incentives is adopted in PARKNEFT, LLC. As part of the short-term incentive program the employees are paid monthly bonuses the amount of which depends on the employee's personal contribution and the performance of the department where the employee works. Other terms and conditions are negotiated with applicants individually.

Each achievement of PARKNEFT, LLC is a result of a well-coordinated work of all our employees. It is an idea of high value of each person in the team that makes our team strong and united. Today the Company is developing dynamically and expanding the geographical presence of its subdivisions. And this means creating new working places, an opportunity to join us and to make your career in a united team of PARKNEFT, LLC.