Contract work

The variety of activities conditions the requirement for regulation of legal, economic, organizational, environmental and other relations between the partners. Contracts concluded between the parties are subjects of such regulation. These may include both contracts concluded between legal entities and contracts concluded between legal entities and individuals. When it comes to mutual obligations, the basic terms of various procedures a scrupulous approach is required. Proper documentary support shall be like a business card.

We hope that the list of documents provided below will help our future partners join the other contractors of the Company.

A list of documents provided by the counterparty when concluding a contract:

  • constituent documents including all amendments and modifications thereto (the Charter);

  • certificate of state registration of the counterparty;

  • certificate of registration with the tax authority;

  • extract from the Unified State Register of Legal Entities, issued by the registering authority at least one month prior to the submission of the draft agreement for approval;

  • documents confirming the authority of the signatory to sign the contract (the decision of the authorized management body of the contractor to appoint the executive body; a power of attorney if the agreement is signed by proxy).

In addition (if available and required) the following shall be submitted:

  • the title deed for the object of the agreement (proof of ownership, lease agreement, other);

  • notice of application of the simplified taxation system;

  • certificate of conformity for the material and technical resources;

  • certificate by a self-regulatory organization;

  • licenses;

  • certificate of ISO;

  • Balance Sheets (Form No. 1) and profit and loss statements (Form No. 2) of the contractor for the last four reporting periods stamped by the regional tax inspection.

  • counterparty card-presentation on core activities – when executing long-term contracts or on the condition of advance payment by the Company; certificate of laboratory certification – when executing a contract for works on non-destructive testing, destructive testing;

  • approval of the transaction by the relevant management body of the counterparty, in cases where it is required by law and/or the constituent documents of the counterparty;

  • consent of the controlling bodies on the transaction or confirmation of notice issued by the relevant authorities regarding the transaction in cases where such consent or notice is required by law.

When executing a contract with a natural person:

  • passport;

  • a page of the savings passbook with details of the personal account;

  • Certificate of the State Pension Insurance;

  • Certificate of Tax Identification Number;

  • title document on the object of the agreement (certificate of ownership or other).